Preggo Upholstery integrates the Preggo Group: a furniture and lighting global supply chain manager. This integration allows us to offer a full service to our clients an ensure access to the best craftsmen in Portugal.

Preggo Upholstery is a company firmly rooted in Portugal and in Portuguese craftsmanship and values. All the furniture produced at Preggo Upholstery, from timber frames to finishes, is handcrafted by Portuguese craftsmen. We believe that our passion for quality furniture, traditional craftsmanship, innovative technology and attention to detail are the keys to success. To provide our partners and clients not only with quality furniture, but also with a quality service, we offer a turnkey solution: our partners provide us with their design or idea, we handle all the production process from prototyping to the logistics, customizing according to our clients' needs.


Preggo Upholstery's passion and dedication is all the production of exquisite deluxe furniture. We're an innovative and quality driven upholstery company, whose focus is to provide furniture brands, designers and the contract market with a trustable partner to bring forth their ideas to life. In order to do so, we handle all the details necessary to the creation of our clients' lines: from prototyping an idea to the delivery of the end piece, we provide a quality service. In this way, we ally the decades of expertise an tradition of our master craftsmen to innovative technology and a proactive and dynamic organization.


We're in a unique position to provide our clients with an exceptional level of quality in the integrated solution service we offer: in Preggo Upholstery, our main focus is to produce for and service our clients and partners. We're a perfect fit for furniture an upholstery brands looking to expand their production capacity with a trusted partner, as well as designers in need of a partner to produce their idea. We're also in a unique position to service the contract market, with our large an quality driven production capability.


Our every day's work is to ensure that Preggo Upholstery delivers technical and aesthetic quality in all the projects that we do, in a time frame that suits our clients' needs, and at a competitive price. We turn our clients' idwas into reality by handling all the production: from prototype to delivery, we do it all. We also have a deep repect for traditional craftsmanship, wich is why all the furniture we produce is lovingly handcrafted by Portuguese craftsmen. However, we understand the deep value of employing up-to-date technology and methods to organize our production and ensure a quality and timely delivery to our clients.

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Our mission is to ensure that we're the best partners in the world of upholstered furniture. For us, our client's needs and satisfaction come first and foremost, which is why we invest in innovative technology and in a network of master craftsmen to ensure that we have the expertise to tackle the most complex of projects with deluxe quality. We believe that our role us also to empower Portuguese craftsmen by providing and opportunity to excel in what they do best. In this way, we provide our clients and partners with the top quality and attention to detail and taste that is unique.