At Preggo Upholstery, we do our utmost to ensure that our clients’ designs and ideas come to life in the way that they were envisioned. That is why we’ve transformed ourselves into a supply chain manager: we want to take the hassle of production away from our clients by taking care of every aspect of production. Therefore, to ensure a unique standard of service to our clients, we handle every process, from prototyping to delivery, and we build an open channel of communication, so that every detail can be discussed and perfected, just as it was envisioned.


At Preggo Upholstery our clients bring the ideas, but we make sure we have the solutions that allow their vision to become reality. We put at our clients’ disposal vast expertise in upholstery, carpentry, woodcarving and metalworking, enabling us to handle all the parts of a design project. We combine our skills with a dynamic and up-to date organization system and a well-maintained communication channel with our client, thus ensuring that we have the solutions to all projects, even the most complex ones. To ensure that the solution which we provide to our clients is the best, we structure our work around four solid principles.


In our production unit, every part of the upholstered furniture we produce is carefully handcrafted. Nevertheless, our company takes pride in our ample capacity to respond to our clients' needs. We employ craftsmen with vast experience and know-how, and we have built a professional network of local artisans, and thus we can ensure the production of orders of all dimensions, without ever compromising the quality we guarantee.


Every day, we choose the best materials, invest in expert craftsmanship an innovative technology to provide our clients with the best products at a competitive price. Just as well, our wide range of quality fabrics, woods and finishes allows our clients to bring their projects to fruition with deluxe quality, but at a competitive price-point.


At Preggo Upholstery, our focus is on deluxe upholstery, and therefore we're experts at delivering upholstered furniture that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this level of quality, we invest heavily in quality control, ensuring that every component, made in-house or outsourced, corresponds exactly to the required specifications and quality standards.


We want to provide our customers with the best products, in a time frame suits their needs. Having that in mind, the delivery period is always arranged between both parts, always allowing us to deliver the quality we are know for and in the timeframe that the costumer needs.


Believing in perfection, we want to make sure that our customers’ ideas translate into nothing less than what was envisioned. Therefore, to ensure that what we produce corresponds exactly to what our customer requests, we prototype every new piece of furniture. Therefore, our clients only need to provide us their idea, design or specifications of the furniture, and we craft the piece until we achieve perfection. We maintain close and constant communication, guaranteeing that our clients’ expectations are met.

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To ensure that we’re able to comply with our clients’ requests, we present our partners with a vast expertise in deluxe furniture crafting. Our production process is completely organized to ensure that in every stage of production, there is a quality control check, but also, to ensure a timely production of all pieces, thus ensuring that the combination of craftsmanship and technology brings our clients’ ideas to life.


Packaging is a process in which we take great care, in order to guarantee that all furniture arrives at the destination in pristine quality. To ensure maximum safety, our clients can opt between poplar wood boxes and reinforced cardboards boxes. Just as well to ensure a customized finish, we are able to stamp our customers' logotype on the packaging.


In our endeavor to offer our costumers a complete and quality service, we take care of all the logistic details. Not only do we ensure the standard logistics, among them ensuring a safe packaging, but we also arrange transportation by land, air and sea to our clients, upon their request.